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  1. That must be a new pic right? Love it, perfect! I loved her at this years VS as well. I loved how the previous model was walking and Doutzen came on and posed..then waited...and then hit the runway. I wish she would have smiled a bit or posed longer during her first segment. Loved the 2nd segment and her dancing. but she can't beat the lollipop from last year..haha..that was brilliant
  2. I liked last years show more, the girls seemed to be a bit more classy, some girls were so slutty this year..made me cringe. After this VS show I can't help but HATE Jessica Stam. The cheerleading was beyond awful, the whole StamCam thing was annoying and gave crap footage. I love love love her editorials but I really don't like her personality. Miss Adriana Lima, what's wrong with her teeth? JAWS comes to mind and she seemed to be either drunk of crazy. Selita Ebanks....that tattoo is so skanky, correcting her hair, the weird movements..ewh..why on earth was she chosen as a VS girl? Guess at VS they are not as fond of her as well as she was only in 2 segments. Loved Karolina, she's the new supermodel. KK, that body, personality. I love Giseles editorial work and the girl has the best walk ever, but face is so edgy and manlike at times....she got the status of supermodel not because the general public loved her so much but more because fashionistas loved her look and Leonardo banged her....KK is the real new supermodel...she is not perfect, her nose, her big teeth, but the girl has so much charisma..BANG
  3. things I didn't like: Carolina Trentini looking a bit too old/too much make up, great walk though, amazing body Manface Gisele looking like a moody manface Izabel Goularts terrible first posing Nathashy Poly's "don't even go there" head movement in the first segment I thought Oluchi's face was cute, but she has NO hips..just look at the first segment. I thought Stam looked great in the pics, but she has a childrens body and the cheerleading party was just sad.
  4. I don't really like him. He was very arrogant towards a friend of mine. During M's re-invention tour in Arnhem in Holland the dancers were standing outside and they chatted to my female friends..and cloud said to her "hurry up and take the picture" and all the other dancers just looked at him like "don't be so rude"...she told him "I'm here for Madonna..NOT for you..noone is here for you" and she stormed off:) leaving me laughing and some of the dancers as well.
  5. D&G Masculine. Everyone always tells me they love it... I really love it when people wear Ck Eternity..reminds me of the hot steamy sex I had with my first partner..lol
  6. Hi. I just read some diaries from Gemma on: The Australian Vogue website and I gotta say that I've grown too her much much more. I don't think she's the ultimate beauty but she delivers excellent editorials and her look is so unique. Everytime I see a pic of her I'm drawn to her eyes...sometimes I hate it..sometimes I just love it. Enjoy the diaries..not sure if it's a repost.
  7. Hi this is my first post. I'm a Doutzy freak. I liked her outfits more last year...and esp. her lollipop. But I think her make-up and hair were better this year. She looks so healthy. People that are saying that she got fatter seriously need to rethink what they are saying or redefine the word fat. Kelly Osbourn is fat! Doutzy looks like she works out and has a healthy lifestyle. You can see her muscle tone on her belly and legs. She's not just bones but has a bit of meat on them and I think for young girls looking at models she's a perfect example of a healthy model. I love how she changes her hair colour every now and then..sometimes I love it, sometimes I cringe, but she's always beautiful..her face is just perfect and her skin is to DIE for.
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