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  1. {name}

    Hana Soukupova

    Hi, Nath. would you please tell me where do you find that Arthur Caliman Campaign??????
  2. {name}

    Eating Disorder

    i am 104lbs now.... sometimes i feel good but sometimes i feel bad about my belly again.. i am trying my best to control my mind.... Please give me some support..
  3. {name}

    Eating Disorder

    Wierd. :| Anyway, i think i have quite few probs with eating, but i hope that with some time i'll realize, that being skinny is not the most important thing. I just wish it would happen soon, cuz it's killing me. Gals, you both have ED's. I'd suggest you watch the scary skinny models thread in order to find out how horrible skinny can look. And start eating for god's sake. (read my previous post) Getting thin isn't that important. Not to lose your life over anyway. And did you know that not having your period for a long time can seriously damage your body? There was this 21 year old ballet dancer who didn't have her period for a long time, did a bone scan and found out she had the bones of a 70 year old. Really you don't want to do this to yourself. Looks fade overtime. And fast too. And then you'll hate yourself for being so stupid. yeah i know that not eating will make you have menopause at an early age and your bones will become weaker and weaker. i know all the facts and stuff, but i can't help what i see and think So true.... i ate more in these few days because the weather is cold.. and i am shocked to find out that my waist is getting rounder and rounder... i just lie to my parents that i ate all my dinner .. but actually i only ate like only 1/4 of it .. well.. i am forcing myself to get rid of this [getting thin] thing.. i weighted myself twice or third time now.. I used to weight myself for 6 times!!!!!!
  4. {name}

    Eating Disorder

    Thanks a lot, Expresso..i am going to print your recommendation out and stick it on the wall so that i can remind myself.... well. i really don't know when i started to behave like this.. i have a fast metabolism, people called me a stick all the time .. even though i am a swimmer ( i have muscles!!) i am still skinny as hell.. I think my body started to change when i am 16 and my crazy metabolism seems to slow down a bit... that's why my body no longer become as thin as it used to.. not that flat-chested( 30 inches now), ribs and hip bones are not that obvious now.. it is kind of sucks that you used to be rail thin but suddenly people around you told you that you look rounder than before.. that's way i changed my diet 1 year ago...i know i have a healthy diet for all my life ( love eating vegetables, fruits, don't like candies and potato chips...) but i still want to make it even more healthier.. like i have yoghurt or cereals or a large bowl of fruit salad for breakfast instead of bread,, eat fruits only in my tea break where i used to have a large bowl of noodles!!!!, trying to aviod eating red meat but white meat.. the only decent meal i have in a day is my dinner because i have to eat it with my family together,, but still i managed to eat less.. and use " for health issue" as excuses..not to mention i drink a lot of water when my stomache is screaming like crazy!!! i know i should feel ashamed for what i did but i feel happy and successful for all these!!! OH god.. i lost control again..
  5. {name}

    Eating Disorder

    I am not sure whether i have a eating disorder or not.. I am 5"5 and 47kg.. I maintained more or less the same weight when i was 5"4 but really at that time i look way more thinner than now... I know i am thin now too but i really hate my belly, arms, legs.. i think all the parts of my body is too fat!!!! i tried hard to skip a meal or keeping myself busy so that i will have no time to eat...I used to weight myself once a week, now, i weighted myself about 3 times a week.. every morning, after lunch and before i sleep ... if i found that i weight a little more , i will eat less and try to do as much exercise as i can.. I love chocolate very much, yet i started to give it up and i feel guilty everytime i ate it and i will throw part of the chocolate away just to make me feel better.. what's more is.. my that time of the month has been late for 3 months only,, i really don't know what to do..i am going to have a appointment to a doctor next week,, i afraid that he will put me on a weight gain programme and all my effort will blow away!!!! what can i do?? i am confused,, i know i need to gain weight for my own good but i still want to lose some weight just to be skinny!!
  6. {name}

    Your weight and height

    currently 5"5 and 102lbs... only by gaining 2 inches more but with the same weight will stop my prayer to god...
  7. {name}

    Your Measurements

    well.. I tihnk i have the most stright body here.. I am 30-23-32