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  1. Dalmore


    Just finished the first season and it was pretty good. Only thing that disturbs me: Why did Carrie go nuts after the explosion?! I know it was revealed that she had that mental problem but still, I think they overdid it as they transformed her into a psycho for some episodes
  2. Dalmore


    When will City realize that they need to get rid of that spoiled brat named mario Balotelli and the worthless manager - Mancini as well?
  3. Dalmore


    Radamel Falcao or Sergio Aguero to my team (Inter). Milito is getting older and we need a decent replacer (we also need money in order to buy such expensive top players )
  4. Dalmore


    Poor England, get smashed by Ibra Sweden once again
  5. Dalmore


    Did anyone watch the Derby of Italy? We totally smashed Rube even with the referees against us for one more time! Palacio & Milito FTW!
  6. I'm watching it this weekend
  7. Dalmore


    Why are you so excited? He has proved so many times that he's not a good manager.
  8. Dalmore


    Did anyone watch Germany's game 3 days ago? just listen to the Sportscaster's reactions
  9. Dalmore


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHGk07tmw_4 Miccoliiiii. I really enjoy watching Campionato This season it looks like Juve and Napoli will fight for it Head To Head.
  10. yeah the show was kinda crappy from the sixth season onwards, especially that part with Sam's lost soul :yuckky: Thank god they kicked the writer who was the showrunner at that moment. Her name is Sera Gamble and she is the reason why I stopped watching it too.
  11. Dalmore


    I watched it yesterday and it was a great movie, just like they told me, BUT NOWHERE CLOSE MATRIX (where the original idea came from)
  12. Dalmore

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    haha the guy who made this is a genius
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