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  1. Sandra Kubicka

    I'm actually a girl, I made this account a few days ago and I forgot to change the gender and I checked that girl's blog twice, the first time when I saw the link here and I saw her FAQ (and she DIDNT credited sandra) and the second time was when she responded to me (and changed her blog). I hope now we can forget this and talk about sandra's work again.
  2. Sandra Kubicka

    When I asked her why she was posing as Sandra she was kinda rude to me! Plus the first time I saw her blog, the link to the photos was 'me' not 'Sandra' she changed after I talked to her, she actually changed the all blog after I talked to her how do you explain that? So I agree with the girls she was definitely posing as Sandra! And you're right we're not her bodyguards but like you also said we support her, so what do you expect us to do when we find someone posing as Sandra?
  3. Sandra Kubicka

    I talked to her and she said Sandra knows about that tumblr...
  4. Sandra Kubicka

    She's so beautiful!!
  5. Sandra Kubicka

    Brandy Melville