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  1. Zenha


    She's looking great! It's been a while since she did't look that well.
  2. Zenha

    Caroline Ribeiro

    MTV Brazil
  3. Zenha

    Caroline Ribeiro

    VMB (Video Music Brazil)
  4. Zenha

    Lindsay Lohan

    Is there a tread for Ali Lohan?
  5. Zenha

    Emanuela de Paula

    I think I saw her ads at GAP BODY...Is that possible?
  6. Welcome! They're really amazing! I don't like Marisa very much I'd rather Izabel or Selita on her place in these pics but Ale looks great!
  7. Dean Zulich photography from "The Shot" (Winter 2007)
  8. Zenha

    Emanuela de Paula

    Thanks sweetspice =)
  9. Zenha


    For the first time in months i acctually loved her shoot!