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  1. Linnea Stevens-Jones

    Recent work/test photos: Photograph: Lola Hubner No Makeup. Photograph: Lenni Mattanja Photograph: Heidi Hannele for litamagazine.
  2. Luisa Hartema

    New polaroids Munich Models: Source: http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/detail/1110701691716408335_1257077980 http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/detail/1110702889416692767_1257077980
  3. Luisa Hartema

    I think those new modellink polaroids are beautiful. In my opinion longer hair looks better on her when I compare these to her Munich Models polaroids.
  4. Luisa Hartema

    Luisa has also done some catalogue work of S.Oliver, there was a picture on MunichModels instagram some days ago, but they removed it.
  5. Luisa Hartema

    More pictures from the Promise 2015-16 AW Campaign:
  6. Luisa Hartema

    I like the last picture that covers two pages. I'm not a big fan of the styling and the fact that Luisa is wearing those sunglasses in half the pictures though.
  7. Luisa Hartema

    Interesting combination indeed, maybe womenmanagement will be the ones representing her in th biggest fashion cities, because Women Direct Milano has already liked her official instagram earlier as well. I wonder if this is a step towards more editorial/catwalk work, since that seems to be Womens main strengths.
  8. Luisa Hartema

    Another photoshoot in Lisbon (third?) ? Source: http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/detail/1019623631631807560_2040865124
  9. Luisa Hartema

    Cosmopolitan UK would be great. I wonder if IMG models London will update her portfolio then ?
  10. Luisa Hartema

    Better quality on some of the Telva July pictures:
  11. Luisa Hartema

    Wow, another 10 page spread in Telva Her work in Spain really stands out for me and Tomas De La Fuente + crew have done a great job with Luisa.
  12. Luisa Hartema

    I like the third picture.
  13. Luisa Hartema

    Luisa maybe working for Escada again:
  14. Luisa Hartema

    11 pages in Telva, when you include the cover has to be Luisas best job so far. There are alot of big names that have done a cover for them in the past: Barbara Palvin, Karmen Pedaru, Jessica Stam, Heidi Klum etc. Spain has been very good for Luisa, hopefully more will come
  15. Luisa Hartema

    Luisas 10 picture spread + Cover in Telva june 2015: Photograph: Tomas De La Fuente Theme: "GOLDEN BLACK HEAT" Love this spread