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  1. A few more scans of Jake from my collection:
  2. LOL! Rochester isn't that tough! It isn't even near NYC so they shouldn't say "the tough streets of New York", it's in the western part of New York state, by the Great Lakes, on the border of Canada! Whoever wrote that is retarded. Well, I guess they could just not be from the US so they are ill informed of such matters. Still... had to laugh at this one.
  3. Jake was always one of my fave actors, I used to be obsessed with Donnie Darko, but now that he is a star and not just some underground sensation, he lost the "hot factor" to me. Oh well. From my scan collection:
  4. I always used to mistake this guy for Johnny Knoxville!
  5. Artsy scans from Alternative Press magazine:
  6. I saw her in this Paul Mitchell ad a few months ago. It looks like she gained a bit of weight?
  7. Just wondering who this girl is - anyone know?
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