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  1. good for her, she work so hard to be where she is. congratz to Sara.
  2. congratz Romee, so glad she made the cut. so happy too see her as an angel.
  3. glad they finally made her an angel I don't why they took forever to make her an angel. congratz to her she's actually the prettiest one of all those angels.
  4. I guess she's too bootylicious to be consider an angel. they don't want another model to steal Candice's thunderstorm. seriously VS don't like curvy models with tits & ass. you gotta be pretty flat to be consider an angel
  5. congratz to her. I am happy for her.
  6. yay so happy for her. Congratz Jac you're my favorite angel
  7. If they give the fb to one of the new angels I would have like to see it on Lais.
  8. kate: wtf I don't see nothing attractive of her. Jasmine: really just to make her ego bigger, the girl already seem to arrogant, hopefully I am wrong, and she really a nice person, her body is nice she does have a pretty skin tone. her nose bothers me and her face reminds me of a peacock. Lais: yes she's gorgeous so happy for her Jac: yes she deserve it are 1st polish angel. she's so pretty Elsa: her face looks like a goat. & her expression are annoying. her body is nice. Stella: she only got it in because she is miley cyrus friend. she can be pretty & sexy but her face expression bothers me she always looks mad or angry she has the resting bitch face. Martha: she only got a spot because she's taylor swift friend. & taylor got to have a new bff because lily is about to me out soon. she seem boring. she look conceited, & mad all of the time. I don't find her face attractive her eyebrows bothers me. Romee: yes, I am happy for her she's pretty girl. I could see her as the new Candice. Taylor: yes, she's cute. she reminds me of cute bug. I do think she's to skinny, & she can gain some weight.I could see her been the new Miranda she's the baby one. Sara: yes, she's pretty, exotic, & sexy. I could see her been the new Adriana, she just needs to put some weight. she's too skinny just like taylor. I think Josephine, & Kelly Gale would have been a better option than Kate, Martha, Stella, & Jasmine. but yes congratz to all the girls. I am sure they are very happy with their news. what a bummer for Jojo, & Kelly they work so hard for them & get no contract, especially Jojo, she has work more than some of those new angels. but I am glad they didn't made Rachel Hilbert, & Nadine Leopold, new angels.
  9. i would have prefer Kelly Gale, & Jojo instead of Jasmine & Kate G. but I don't think all thise girls are angel.
  10. NOPE! SI is only for curvacious and busty models like Sara Sampaio i hope your been sarcastic
  11. her gap is cute. is not as bad as Ashley Smith
  12. I take Jac anyday over Nina. Jac > Nina. Jac teeth are better than Adriana she'll survive.
  13. hope they pick her. because she is perfect for them. there's so many pretty girls in the fresh face list. when our they going to start revealing their models for this year swimsuit. hope to see Solveig back. Chase Carter looks like Hannah Davis, Niamh reminds me of Elsa Hosk.
  14. http://worldswimsuit.com/blog/details/jessica-strother I am happy she made it for the world swimsuit.
  15. why is behati in the south african list? behati is not south african, she's from Namibia. Nina x3 Solveig x3 Terese x3
  16. source: gagamodels (jac's agency official facebook page) Jasmine is an angel but not Lais? stella and martha are so so so so boring :voodoo: I heard "Rumors" that Lais has been offered angel contracts couple of time & she lets them down because she wants to spend more time with her son. but yeah she would have been a better option as an angel than Jasmine.
  17. I really want VS to contract Jac. I'm not sure if she's gonna make it to the Angel line up. Jojo would be great add to but I doubt she'll make it at the angel line up. I could so see them giving a contract to Elsa & Martha. don't know about the other girl. I prefer Joan over Jasmine. Jasmine seem to arrogant. I am not even a fan of Joan. my perfect angel line up Jac Romee Josephine Sara Taylor When is VS going to hire a real hispanic model. like Daniela Lopez Osorio. they hire a lot of white girls. is getting boring.
  18. glad they finally updated it. wow only 5 angels. I am sure Elsa is one of the new angels.
  19. Doutzen 2 Xenia 1 Irina Romee why Xenia haven't booked SI or VS?
  20. those boobs looks to big to be hannah davis. but her hair does match
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