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  1. {name}

    Izabel Goulart

    Thank you very much JoeKnight!
  2. {name}

    Izabel Goulart

    Does any one have pics from this photoshoot without the words?
  3. {name}


    Does anybody know who the male model in this campaign is? I think he might be in a few ads with Adriana. I would really appreciate the help!
  4. {name}


    That's one of the best Lima vids I've ever seen.
  5. {name}


  6. {name}


  7. {name}


    I agree! I love her darker hair
  8. {name}

    Victoria's Secret Sleepwear

    Victoria's Secret Pajama Sale commercial! With Adriana and others. So cute.
  9. {name}

    Melissa George

    There is this one pic of her that I love! I believe it's from the Amityville Horror premiere. She is looking back over her shoulder. It looks like one of the two below. Does anyone think they have it?
  10. {name}


    Thanks nothingless! They are beautiful!
  11. {name}


    Those look gorgeous! But when I click the link the pics don't show up! Can someone repost them in their full size? Thanks
  12. {name}


    you can post them in the Pre-Made Avi & Sig thread Where is that thread btw? I think I'm missing something.. lol
  13. {name}


  14. {name}


    ok, i made 2. Ms Nicole gave me some tips so i tried. i'm still not used to using Photoshop. I use a different program but anyways here's one the other one i'm not sure if i'll post it. hey, Nicole, did you do one with her from the Sexy Book launch? coz that's the other one that i made Omg I love this one! It's beautiful. Do you happen to have the individual pics you used on hand?
  15. {name}

    General Swimwear

    Thank you! It's close but not the same one. Still beautiful tho