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  1. thx mate. she is by far my fav and love those pics. thx
  2. thanks for the pic Lullaby Marija is up there with Alessandra and Petra from me, and now its's time for some beer
  3. i know theres not as much t&a in these pic and that that will bug some ppl but i really think these are some of the nicest shots of her in a long time
  4. adrianalima726 has already said sry and who here doesnt have a dumass cousin that thinks they are smarter then every1 else and just for the record the are amazingly gorgeus women all over the world
  5. okok is it a money thing or an age thing or what ??? why is this gut with gisele and ana??ok we have a some female fans here so can some1 in lighten the men as to what is going on pleezz
  6. know the feeling mines bad at me for installing new vid drivers well they may not walk and talk like us but the got the the human "i dont give a shit about you" attitude thing down rather well
  7. ya she does look a little thin but her muscle tone is amazing but i wonder if her boobys are real or not. if not they look better then most fakes but i would like to think shes all natural
  8. looks like her maybe an older pic
  9. ya she looks really bad there i really don't get how some1 can think that healthy or sexy i think women that exercise look so much better and it shows a strength of character as well b/c its not easy get in shape and then stay there
  10. i think the same can be said for the rest of the world funny how gay marriage is more important then starving kids in some country most ppl in the west could care less about
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