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  1. Still, their fate was in their own hands and they knew very well that they could die from it. Even if it was a heartcondition they inherited, it had to be triggered by something. It could just as well be that their hearts reacted that strongly on their strict 'diets' while someone else would be able to go on somewhat longer. :/

    If she was being pressured by her agents to lose weight then it probably wasn't in her own hands. Sure, she could have decided to eat properly but then what? If her agents wanted her to lose and she didn't then no more bookings. No more bookings means no more modelling, and maybe that was her dream career.

    For those who have an ED or have hadone, could you answer this:

    If your own sister dies from a heart attack which was most likely triggered by starvation, wouldn't that be a wake-up call for you? Wouldn't you think: "That could happen to me too if I don't watch out?" I mean, it's your life on the line. I think it's stupid she didn't take care of herself. I'm not saying recovery is easy, but she could've made the first steps in the right direction in those months after her older sister passed away.

    There are two types of anorexia, I've noticed: pro-ana, where you choose to be anorexic and know about the consequences but choose to do it because you consider it to be a 'lifestyle'. Most pro-anas share tips and tricks and whatnot, posting 'thinspo' to their online journals or whatever and talking with other 'anas'. It's a fad that's becoming really popular on xanga, livejournal, greatestjournal, etc, and it's really dangerous because all these people are influencing each other to lose weight dramatically. Then there's the type where you're just so oblivious and naive that you don't think you're even doing anything wrong or harming your body. If she had the second type, then I doubt it would have even crossed her mind that she was going through the same thing that her sister was. If anything, I think the death of her sister probably would have made it worse. Whenever something bad happens to me I relapse and refuse to eat, so maybe this was the same for her? :idk: However, it's very hard to say how the situation went so I'm not trying to judge.

    I fell terrible so many models have died, but I'm still 100% against the whole 'weight requirements' many countries are taking. You shouldn't change the industry because girls feel this ned to be sickly thin. I'm sorry, but if you don't have the genetics for the industry, don't push it. Models are meant (unfortunately) to be this elite untouchable group of perfect women. Not everybody can be that thin. Morals should be instilled in these girls, not change the industry to accomadate girls with a twisted mentality.

    But R.I.P. My heart goes out to the family.

    I agree with you completely. I think that it's bringing more attention to anorexia.

  2. I've been diagnosed with an ED, so I know what you're saying. It's life-long, really; you don't recover completely.

    It could have been not just anorexia that killed her. Maybe she just wasn't taught how to balance her diet, so didn't get the right vitamins and whatnot.

    Nope, this one's on her, 100%. Stupid girl. I mean, the warning sign was pretty much smacked into her face: I dunno about you ppl, but when a sis with the same profession as you, drops dead from the same disease you're battling.... if anything, that should hit home, don't you think? Guess not...I wonder if she would've even listened if god almighty himself would point out she was going to die. :/

    She just died. :\ Maybe show some respect.

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