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  1. some details

    post-5961-0-1446065535-62426_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446065535-64195_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446065535-6587_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446065535-70832_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446065535-72203_thumb.jpg th_76837_shoebag_122_267lo.jpg post-5961-0-1446065535-72569_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446065535-7339_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446065535-73804_thumb.jpg post-5961-0-1446065535-74376_thumb.jpg th_76848_bag2_122_2lo.jpg

    I saved the images using the names that were on the dolcegabbana.it site.. :) so if you hover, you should get their first name in the url.

    Gimme like 10mins and I'll have backstage posted

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i just saw that :rofl: <_< it should be easier to find the names of the girls i couldn't ID now... that was a nice game though :laugh: i may have spelt some names wrong though :ninja:

    Oh jeez.. :laugh: Well, nice IDing then

  2. I completely agree, Betty. :) I love Natasha, really, but she just gets thinner and thinner every season. They set these rules and whatnot but no one-- not designers, models, agencies, etc-- follow them.. I'd rather see her healthy than sickly.

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