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  1. Caroline T better be on the cover.. She's had SO many US Vogue editorials. She deserves a cover. :)

    I don't think we're ever gonna get the supers back if Anna Wintour keeps putting celebrities like Scarlett Johansson on the cover of Vogue... :\

  2. Next Supermodel is probably KK.She had her high fashion success.She made all the big high fashion houses when she was 16!She holds one of the biggest VS contract ever.She still can do high fashion.All she need is a little bit publicity.And than she ll be there.She is still 23!(to me she is already reach the supermodel statu)Doutzen is a long way to go.I don't think she ll get there.She still doesn't hit big.And to me her L'oreal ads are awefull.Daria doesn't have an appeal to commercial market.She maybe a high fashion queen but definetly not for commercial.Same for Gemma.As for Caroline Trentini.I m not a fan of her face but she has the body.But If Anna Wintour wants to make her a supermodel,she just needs to put her on the cover of it not every single editorial.Considering that she won't do it, no.Also I think There ll be no supermodels when Gisele still around.

    Agreed. I think Caroline COULD be really popular if someone like Anna pushed her in the right direction, but if she keeps giving her these crap editorials then it just makes people get sick of her.

    Doutzen has the potential but she needs to make the right choices. I think she's on a good start though because she's got fans but isn't EVERYWHERE. CK will do wonders for her, but she needs to stay in high fashion and not just worry about CK and VS. Actually, I hope she avoids VS until she hits her peak.

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