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  1. I don't know why but she reminds me of Natalia Vodinova ... i want her flat belly! she is gorgeous
  2. I found them on tumblr, i search for the names but i couldn't find them maybe you guys know their names, thanks =)
  3. yes her name is Sonja Medovaja and I wish i knew more about her, i think She Deserves to have a topic here on bellazon she is beautiful thank you to all of you
  4. i dont think so, lena dunaeva is the photographer thanks anyway
  5. Hi people! I found this Wonderful, beautiful model on a web but it dosn`t say the name i really want to know her name so if you could help me I appreciate your help =)
  6. Hello everyone! is me again im searching for this girls does anyone know their names ? i found her on wehearit.com i think she is gorgeous and this blonde i found her on tumblr both are beautiful so i will like to know their names if any of you know please tell me thank you very much peace xD
  7. how old is she? she looks so young :3
  8. she looks like Alexis Bledel, She's cute though
  9. Thank you very much for helping me find my models on model ID xxD

  10. - Kate and Rachel Roddy - Elsa Hosk - Georgina Hobday - Heather Carolin I know it's hard, I found them in Tumblr, I think they are beautiful!!!
  11. I don´t remember whereI found him and i don't have any information about this guy but does any one know Who is he?
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