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  1. Yeah, they really really did. Wtf was that about? She's beautiful and I feel like they made her look like a freak with no eyebrows
  2. These aren't working. Please fix because she's attractive.
  3. I mean, not only is she amazingly hot with a perfect body - she seems cute too. That big smile suggests she probably has a good sense of humor. Ugh. It's not fair lol
  4. lol first Gisele, now her... That lucky son of a bitch. He's living my dream.
  5. Omg. Who is this woman and why isn't she my wife?!
  6. Agreed. She has one of the best bodies in the game, hands-down.
  7. Where has Jeisa been lately? She used to be prolific, now she's disappeared.
  8. For real? The stars over the nips?!
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