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  1. I think this is from 2013 actually, wish there were more :'(
  2. I kinda love kinda hate this event going on right now lol it reminds me so much of 2008 press events,even their outfits and it kinda makes me sad....
  3. This guy wins the makeup game, God bless him!
  4. There's so many good Angels currently, finally, if Taylor stays long in VS she's going to become a huge name like Adriana and Alessandra probably, she really has amazing potential, she really gives me young Adriana vibe. Adriana looks perfect, who knows when we'll see her in lingerie again after VSFS finishes
  5. It's from 2011 I think,so beautiful
  6. She wrote on IG thay she cant wait...makes no sense for her not to attend?
  7. where do u see that....when will people stop asking this
  8. Me too. Makeup artist and hair stylist on point! This guy did her vs pre show hair i was in love....can't wait to see the dress
  9. Wow this really shocked me, that's way too many "Angels" I feel like VS is slowly losing the point,first the Shows became no big deal,then FB,now Angel status too. I have feel after this year all Angels will go and only 10 of them new ones will stay,but people won't be hyped as much about vsfs anymore. Also screen time in commercials of each Angel will be 0.3
  10. I dont think we should judge model by her instagram, i love her ig pics, just because she's not smiling in photos doesn't mean she's depressed person lol For example me in person i cant shut up and i smile all the time but last time i took a pic smiling was probably when i was 10
  11. Y'all thought he sits at home and watches cartoons but Marko does earn more than Adriana he co-owns two companies in Italy, he confirmed it on a tv show but he didn't want to speak much about it, because he doesn't want it to get press attention and everything,there was whole article in newspaper and I honestly don't think he cheated on her and if he did, there are no proofs only rumors and most of Serbian news say "Turkish media reported" it first but when the same media said Adriana is having affair with Acun and is gonna marry him nobody believed right? If he did cheat on her im very glad they are separated but most of you have always hated him before this i don't know for what reason but whatever. I knew about him and was fan before Adriana, It's hard for me to believe he would cheat Adriana especially with someone like girl JOVANA
  12. You're not. I just don't get it, but I can say that about a lot of girls. I actually like Stella though. And being half black, I think there are so many better options than Lais and Jasmine. I'd take Chanel (now) and Jour or Joan over these girls any day. I'm white but I can just say some girls with light hair and tan,with nothing on their face that stands out all blend into each other, some of the models I can't differ at all... +Agree about Stella and Chanel
  13. Also am I the only one who thinks Josephine is nothing special? Body is amazing but her face is so forgettable, just average
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