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  1. DesiD

    male model id help

    anyone have a clue what this model's name is? thank you!
  2. DesiD

    Karmaloop Model ID Help

    Anyone have any idea who this model was is on the Karmaloop Site? thanks!
  3. DesiD

    GStageLove Model ID Help!

    I used to know her name and then her picture popped up and I can't seem to remember it, any help? Thanks!
  4. DesiD

    ASOS Model ID Help

    Anyone know who this ASOS model is? thank you!
  5. DesiD

    Anais Pouliot

    because she's a grown woman??
  6. DesiD

    Who's this model

    I've made this post before but no one saw/answered.. Does anyone know who the model on the far right is? Thanks!
  7. DesiD

    Model ID Help

    I know on the left is Cailin Russo and in the middle is Maggie Duran.. but who is the girl on the right?? thank you!
  8. DesiD

    Gas Jeans Male Model ID Help?

    thanks so much!
  9. DesiD

    Filip Sjunnesson

    Filip Sjunnesson Agency: Elite Stockholm Height: 185/6" 1' Shoe: 43 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
  10. DesiD

    Gas Jeans Male Model ID Help?

    Anyone know who this guy is?
  11. DesiD

    Brandy Melville Models ID Help

    Any help finding out who these two models for Brandy Melville are? 1. 2.
  12. DesiD

    Kianna Stupakoff

    Absolutely gorgeous girl! She's with Next Model Management and she's the daughter of model Renee Jeffus. Height5'10" / 177 CM Bust31" / 78.74CM Waist23" / 62CM Hips35" / 88CM Dress4 US / 36 FR / 40 IT / 8 UK Shoe9 US / 39 EU / 6 UK HairLIGHT BROWN EyesGREEN​
  13. DesiD

    Luca Hollestelle

    Some great ones I found on her Euromodel