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  1. I Love Bj

    Morgane Dubled

    OMGF *_________* So sexy, I love Morgane, natural french beauty.
  2. I Love Bj

    Vivien Leigh

    Vivien is so beauty! Blanche DuBois in 'Streetcar named desire' is the best movie.
  3. I Love Bj

    The BEST of Bellazon

    Izabel *-*!
  4. I Love Bj

    The best editorial. Vote!!!

    sexy: Lily sweet: Lily original: Lily *-*
  5. I Love Bj

    Different models, same nacionality.

    Kate! Rosie has a big neck...
  6. I Love Bj

    Rebecca Iannacone

    Hum... She looks like Eugenia!
  7. I Love Bj

    Julie Ordon

    I love her *-* She is lesbian \o/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LJT8C4eBdA
  8. I Love Bj

    Kate Bush

    She is fantastic *-*!
  9. I Love Bj


    Thanks hellfist for pics *___________*
  10. I Love Bj


    I love her, Dancer in the Dark is my favorite film! foto_126.bmp foto_126.bmp
  11. I Love Bj

    Lily Allen

    OMG!! She is so cute !! More pics! *With Keira
  12. I Love Bj


    "U.K. vocalist Dido has drafted producer/songwriter Jon Brion to assist with her third studio album, which could be out before the end of the year via Arista. Drummer Matt Chamberlain has also participated in recent recording sessions in Los Angeles. "We've written a bunch of stuff together, and we've been recording," Brion tells Billboard.com. "I don't think people who know either of us would think it's the thing to do, and yet it's making total sense." Brion says Dido is moving away from the mainstream pop/rock of her first two releases, which have sold 6.2 million copies combined in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "She wants something less glossy and further left," Brion reveals. "I think people have disregarded the emotional aspects of her writing, because the way the records have been presented make the music seem a little flat. But in terms of her singing, she's just an absolutely unbelievable, naturally great singer, in truth one of the greatest I've ever worked with. There's a certain kind of restraint in record making that she doesn't want anymore. That's good. That's a recipe for finding new things." In a recent journal posting on her Web site, Dido alluded to the creative benefits of decamping in Los Angeles. "I'm inspired constantly by the great songwriting tradition in America which I hadn't really explored before and I just love getting in my car and going on long drives and writing songs," she wrote. The upcoming album will be the follow-up to 2003's "Life for Rent," which debuted at No. 4 on The Billboard 200." From Google
  13. I Love Bj


    She is working in LA... Recording new album xD
  14. I Love Bj

    Lily Allen

    I love Lily, my favorite song is "Littlest Things"!