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  1. Gail Elliott

  2. Gail Elliott

  3. Gail Elliott

    Yes, those are really good! Thank you!
  4. Gail Elliott

    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/GAIL-ELLIOT-Supermodel-Magazine-Clippings-Lot-/371811305984?hash=item5691ae4a00:g:eX4AAOSwnHZYTM3l The Ports International ad in the top row (second from the left), is REALLY good.
  5. Gail Elliott

  6. Gail Elliott

    Please do!
  7. Gail Elliott

    Looks like there are going to be a lot of new Gail scans soon! Here are the ones from that Domino, and Fumi, I'll gladly sell you the magazine: Gail Elliott, Domino Magazine, September 1990
  8. Gail Elliott

    I finally found the Domino magazine with the Ports International ads that got me hooked on Gail! I post as soon as I get it!
  9. Gail Elliott

    Big as my crappy scanner can do yes.
  10. Gail Elliott

    I had some extra money and these clippings are rare, so I bought them! I'll scan them when I receive them!
  11. Gail Elliott

    My favourite Gail advertisement series of all time (also the first) was in a Canadian fashion magazine called Domino. I found this in the Toronto Reference Library. I need a portable scanner as these are scans of black and white photocopies. Keep an eye out for Domino Magazine September 1990, as some of the pages were missing from the reference copy:
  12. Gail Elliott

    Yes! Very good finds!
  13. Gail Elliott

    Great scans!