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  1. Yes, I should and I hope I won't be too shy like always.... But, thanks for your advice
  2. you are right. I'll try to next time I'll bump into him....
  3. you are right. I'll try to next time I'll bump into him....
  4. he might be happy, he might be not happy... no one knows... you can't tell anything from some photos... I don't know either. The only thing I want to say, that he should know that there is still someone that also cares... and - i might be wrong - but I think he knows who I'm talking about...
  5. haha... I couldn't stop drooling either, that's why it took me so long to post them Yeah, after reading your comment I checked Zara was the stylist Mathias doesn't do much work but makes exception when she is the stylist When I read Zara was the stylist I got one thought. thanks for not putting a bathing trunk on head head again . on the third pic he looks so young and cute . now I carry on drooling Haha... I think Mathias would wear anything if Zara ask him to, even if it is bathing trunk on his head Sometimes Mathias looks old in the runway in comparison to the younger boys but he always looks young and youthful in editorials I'm so happy for him. He seems to be such a sweetheart and it's great that he found a nice and beautiful girl. He seems to really love her, and that so sweet because he deserves love and the best girl in the world!!! Good things happen to good people..
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