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  1. Lyon

    Happy Birthday =)

  2. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me find the model's name in this photo, i'm dying to find out
  3. Lyon

    I rated you 5 stars, happy birthday ^_^

  4. Happy Birthday! ^_^

  5. Good game considering you guys were missing your four best players due to injuries/suspensions and you only had 14 field-players available for the game. Thank you dear ^_^ My brother said they look like mustard and ketchup Lol!! Seriously.. Also, YAYY FOR SPAIN!! They played amazing in the second half. :hell yea!:
  6. We are really proud of our team here. But of course as everywhere else in the world, there are some idiots who blame the team or the coach..I think they did their job very well. It's a game and there will always be one winner and one loser at the end. But i hope that people now won't underestimate Turkish team. They didn't give us a chance at first and they always said that our wins were just lucky. I don't believe that luck can make you win, it's always the belief and the fight that will make you go through and we did that.. I hope people won't see Turkey team as an easy bate from now on because i believe we played a great football during the tournament until the very end.
  7. that's very well said really turkey is very respectable team
  8. in my opinion Turkey team kicked ass!!! :hell yea!:
  9. As a Turkish, firstly i want to congratulate Germany. I think we played quite good against a great team. We fought til the end but we couldn't go through the final..It's okay. Thank you boys for making us feel so proud and fighting non stop until the end. You show the world how a great team you are and that you never stop giving up. I think we could win the match but it didn't happen. But i want to say a few words to refs. They really know how to ruin football for fans. They did everything they could to cross out Turkey off the tournament. But we made it to semi-finals..I'm so proud of every single one of my boys..Thank you for making Turkey so proud.
  10. I'm Turkish and i thought we played well lol. Actually Croatia didn't play like its usual self. I mean they won all of their group matches with excellent football. We were also very lucky to score in the last minute, second actually. I think Turkey can be voted as the best comeback team of the whole tournament.. I still can't believe it..It's a dream come true for all Turkish people..
  11. Thank you so much for the pics! They're wonderful ^_^
  12. ^^Gorgeous pics! Thanks dear! ^_^
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