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  1. http://youtu.be/duqJS2ByfSU
  2. Colby Brittain Oklahoma HEIGHT 6'1 HAIR BROWN EYES BROWN SUIT 40R WAIST 32 INSEAM 33 SHIRT 15 1/2 SHOE 11 ColbyBrittain_Portfolio_1 copy.pdf ColbyBrittain_Portfolio_1 copy.pdf
  3. Wow! Thank you sarf! Yes those are the pics I was talking about. And thanks for the link too.
  4. The pics are in the October edition of Out magazine with Zachary Quinto on the cover. The pics are on the last few pages including the inside of the back cover. If you could find them and post them, that would be great! Thanks!
  5. Thanks jamesdel! that wasn't the photoshoot I was looking for, but very nice nonetheless. I'll keep checking that site, maybe it will be posted there later. Thanks!
  6. can anybody find Marlon's print ads for Macy's in this month's Out Magazine? Or can anybody tell me where I could find them on the web?
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