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  1. The girl in the red beanie is Chuck's GF Nikki. She's been posting pics from Cannes. Cara was in a black outfit that night and in Cannes to promote her modeling contracts.
  2. Um, I really don't think it's ok that Aferdita's Sister is attacking people on Twitter and saying they have "Down Syndrome" because they're asking about the end of her engagement. These two clearly want everyone to know she's linked to Leo (even if just for a weekend) but the attacks she's spewing are not cool! #runleorun
  3. Now I totally get what Leo meant about having to be careful about girls he dates, and seeing if they're really into him or just want to be famous. Poor guy!
  4. ^ OMG that video is horrible, not exactly a role model for her baby daughter.
  5. If I had known this was a career path, I would have changed my major in college!!!
  6. I wonder why none of the articles mention that Leo was at Lavo on Tuesday also? CATCH LEONARDO? HEATHERTON COULDN'T Leonardo DiCaprio is back on the market and it sounds like it's because his super sexy girlfriend Erin Heatherton didn't play her cards right. A source close to the 23-year-old Illinois native says things cooled off between the genetically blessed couple in early October—after approximately 10 months of dating. "He liked how laid-back she always acted," says the insider, but the notoriously modelizing "Great Gatsby" actor, "could tell she wanted things to get more serious. That w
  7. Now the Post has a different version of the break up Secret out on Leo, Erin split Last Updated:11:53 PM, November 2, 2012 Posted:11:50 PM, November 2, 2012 Leonardo DiCapriohas split with his supermodel girlfriendErin Heathertonafter nearly a year of dating because he “is not ready to settle down,” sources exclusively tell Page Six. We are told the actor, who is currently filming “The Wolf of Wall Street” in Manhattan withMartin Scorcese, broke things off with the blond Victoria’s Secret beauty last week. One source told us, “Erin wanted things to get more serious between them, but Leo is no
  8. A couple of weeks ago? So were they broken up the weekend of the GPP Festival?
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