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  1. {name}

    Nicole Richie

    I love nicole, she's soo funny I like her style too, but her body kinda looks like she just stepped out of world war 2
  2. {name}

    Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

    no way, mk's way prettier:P
  3. {name}

    Kate Hudson

    sure do, thanks
  4. {name}


    LOVE HER music and the statements she makes with her music, really an inspiring person own all the cds and they just get better and better
  5. {name}

    Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

    i love mks hippie style
  6. {name}

    Josh Holloway

    * sigh * he's so gorgeous my favorite character too, after that kate, I love all the scenes they have together, great chemistry
  7. {name}

    Avril Lavigne

    thanks great pics
  8. {name}

    Kate Hudson

    (quote) you mean rib cage? (quote) whaha people like you keep me ont track thanks for all the pics, great forum