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  1. 10Magazine.com Here says SO FAR... Hmmm What do you think? More models would be a crazyness
  2. Izabel loves her too much cuz nobody can get with her!!! :yuckky: :yuckky:
  3. where did he confirmed this on insta or twitter ? On Twitter
  4. Gigi and Chanel didn't made the cut so they are out And Ed confirmed Jess Hart wouldn't be IN
  5. Wendylorene you're the best poster here!!!!
  6. well, at least for the, the reason why she looks anorexic is not because of her blue hands, it's about how the shape of her body was and how is it now, she had curves, and now there's just muscle, you know?
  7. ^ she's one of best bodies in fashion
  8. ^ please be respectful because I could talk about your adored Adriana!!!!
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