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  1. Eñe


  2. Eñe

    Sara Carbonero

    I love that dress! and she looks beautiful with highlights and fringe.
  3. Eñe

    Sara Carbonero

    In Barajas airport, 27.07.2012 Iker: not without my satchel
  4. Eñe

    Eva Gonzalez

  5. Eñe

    Eva Gonzalez

    Eva with Bar Rafaeli and Astrid Klisans
  6. Eñe

    Sara Carbonero

    Sara and Doce
  7. Eñe

    Sara Carbonero

    what a funny movie!! And this scene too:
  8. Eñe

    Sara Carbonero

    Noooooooo! Iker and his purse again! :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: to Sara as you say, it is clear :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: :yuckky: I do not understand it ^^, I just meant that I do not like that purse.
  9. Eñe

    Sara Carbonero

    Yes, it was a photoshoot for Telecinco, Sara and other TV presenters of Telecinco were dressed as in Mad Men. I find her beautiful in that photo. Do you have the photos of the shoot? The photoshoot was for a Telecinco ad, I remember having seen some caps, but I do not have photos