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  1. Valentino 45th Anniversary Rome F/W 07-08 HQ
  2. HQ Russian Rhapsody - Exhibition At Christies - 22 Apr 2007
  3. NUDITY WARNING! http://imageupper.com/i/?A0400010080011D13131863452421271 http://imageupper.com/i/?A0400010080021D13131863452421271 http://imageupper.com/i/?A0400010080031D13131863452421271 http://imageupper.com/i/?A0400010080041D13131863452421271 ~Please do not post information promoting yourself, for-profit sites, or your board, blog, website, band/group and etc. All advertising posts and threads will be deleted - check the rules here - Edited by Carmelita.~
  4. i hope its not repost Bazaar US - April 2007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. cool facts but Jenya not richest woman in Russia.Richest woman-Ugly monster Elena Baturina
  6. I think these photos are made by Ukrainian agency.In Russia and Ukraine 60-70% from all agencies work illegally.Girls work not only a models ,they working in escort etc.
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