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    Go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart:
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    i dunno(she look like bimbo
  3. 1. Who are must looking forward to seeing? Adriana!!!!!!Karolina,Ana BB,Miranda,MARINA! 2. Who do you NOT think should be in the show this year. i.e They need to retire, or they are just horrible choices for VS all together *ect*. Lindsay,Flavia,Stam,Heidi,Stephens 3. Who do you wish was walking in this show this year, but isn't. Limit to 5 girls you'd like to see. Natasha,Katja,Irina Sheik 4. Are you looking forward to Heidi hosting AGAIN? hell no!!!!! 5. If Seal does the show again do you plan to shoot yourself in the face? O i like him,but thanks no
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    nothingless I love you!
  5. was very hard to watch,she remind me Snejana Onopko in coffin((((
  6. Guerlain,Dior,Anna Sui,Lancome Kinerase,Chanel,MAC,Rimmel,Armani,Loreal,Avon,Shiseido,Maybelline,Estee Lauder,Sephora,Revlon,Max Factor,Covergirl
  7. pardon my english first honestly i think she was killed.if she jump from balcony she should fall on that little roof(i dunno english word) but she fall in a middle of the street.Looks like someone just drop her body.She dont scream.People who want die always affraid when the dying and scream natural act for human when they fall.So i think she was dead when she fall Artem was psycho.I think its Artem kill her. About sad words on her blog.Its typical quote,on russian forums almost every girl have them in siggy.Its not HER words,its famous girls quote.
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