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  1. My avatar is Magdalena Frackowiak

  2. I won't be leaving bellazon right now but I'm not going to be on as much. Bellazon isn't really fun for me anymore. To much drama with some people and I'm sick of it so I'm not going anywhere as of now but if things get worse I might have to leave.

  3. thanks for the rate. I gave u 5 as well. Now that Rosie & Candice have been doing alot more work & the VSFS I need to put them higher on my list. btw love ur Anna J set. She looked amazing in the show.

  4. Yeah it was never boring in my house. Always loud but I liked it that way. The Kasia pic I had on my avatar should be in her thread cuz thats where I got it from but I have no idea what page its on.

  5. I love your personal picture its super cute

  6. Thanks but I had to change my avatar to just Anna S bc i love that picture.I know 13 kids is crazy. what can i say my mom is a little nuts.

  7. My parents have their own business so it wasn't that hard. And our house is big so we weren't all smushed together.

  8. ewww I don't want to think about that.

  9. yes 12 siblings. blows your mind doesn't it?

  10. Sorry I took so long to write back. I'm from America

  11. Hey, Thanx for adding me too. :wave:

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