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  1. Sara Carbonero

    i miss her style
  2. Sara Carbonero

    Sorry, but she looks horrible in this... tights
  3. Sara Carbonero

    She really put on weight...
  4. Sara Carbonero

    I don't understeand the point: "en tiempos de incertidumbre". What kind of a problems she has?
  5. Sara Carbonero

  6. Sara Carbonero

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/855/saracarbonero00.jpg/ it's unbelievable how changed
  7. Sara Carbonero

    Yes, she is!
  8. Sara Carbonero

    hm... what do you think about the last outfit? Iker looks like a little boy i don't like that dress on her... lycra
  9. Sara Carbonero

    What do you think about their weeding? Get married?
  10. Sara Carbonero

    Finally some new photos! By the way - great shoes and her belly is bigger !
  11. Sara Carbonero

    Thanks for the pictures!! i would like to see more and more photos of Sara and of course baby :dance:
  12. Sara Carbonero

    I don't know why paparazzi doesn't take Saras photos, for example on the street, shopping...??
  13. Sara Carbonero

    Love her eyes...
  14. Sara Carbonero

    Yes, indeed is that true that she resigned from study?
  15. Sara Carbonero

    Her stomach is so small!