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  1. Dying of excitement that Candice is coming to Seattle!!!! Never thought a VS event would be here, let alone that said event would have Candice attending. I will be there and post any pictures I can! So so excited!!!!
  2. Candice is by far my favorite model, not only because she is breathtaking but really because she just seems so sweet! I also find it funny that people sometimes comment on her seeming "airheaded"; she strikes me as quite intelligent (after all, all you must do is listen to what she says to realize how eloquently she speaks) and seems so damn level-headed! I also strongly admire her work ethic, she always seems to be doing more more more and, from what it seems, everyone who works with her just adores her. She has a stunning face, THE body, can be super sexy for VS, cute/sweet for clothing, and she is ridiculously versatile when it comes to HF. I have never been a huge "supermodel" fan but with Candice it's hard to not love her! It's rare that a woman who is oozing sex appeal can also really appeal to a broad audience of woman (so many girls/woman I know are huge Candice fans, even if they do not know her name!) and I believe that if anyone can become the next big model, it's her. Also I saw mentioned on here a while ago how someone would love for her to do a twitter q&a ala RHW and alas she did! What a kind person..I'm not aware if she reads this site or not but perhaps? If she does, Candice you are a huge inspiration and I truly wish you all the best in your career, I will always be sending good vibes your way xx a normal 20 year old, alexandra
  3. Candice is so lucky, she may be one of the only women who actually looks better with a few extra pounds on her! Plus it gave her back that great booty! All of my male friends whom I show pictures of Candice to (everyone is aware of my little candice obsession ) seem to have come to the same conclusion: she is looking sexier than ever! Before, when I had shown them pictures, their comments were always along the lines of "oh she's too skinny" or "oh her forehead is too big" which, may I add I strongly disagree with!!, but now with the added pounds they have become just as obsessed as me! It also seems like men really like the side part on her; I personally think it does add more of a bombshell look. LOVE candice!
  4. Wow, thanks for the answers everyone, I never knew they used photoshop to create those "fuller busts". Last question (sorry!!) do you think inserts of some sort are used for when she wears bikinis? I would love to be ble to achieve that look!
  5. Does anyone know what methods victorias secret uses to give their models that ultra cleavage look? Is it pads or tape or something? because they really do a great job of making the girls look great. thanks to anyone who helps!
  6. @felinoh is that a recently filmed video? or is it from past time?
  7. Wow, I feel like Candice has been looking better and better lately, this new(ish) side part flatters her face so much more than down the middle and it lends an extra air of sexiness to her. I also definitely do not understand the uproar about her weight; at the most she lost a few pounds and it look great, not only is she still victorias secret material but she can now easily morph to high-fashion which is really how more and more people will take notice to her. She has a very sleek look to her body now and any pressure for her to put on more pounds should not be there! Not to mention, losing (a little) weight has added a lot more definition to her face, before I had heard people say her face had a puffy look and was almost too soft but she now has some angels. Lastly, and I am a HUGE candice fan here and mean no disrespect, but I do not understand why in her modeling (particularly victorias secret) they make her look like she has unnaturally large breasts for her size. We've all seen naked pictures of her, we all know they are small, but she is fine just the way she is! Victorias secret acts like they promote "real" bodies..well if that's true why not let Candice be the way she really is?! It's really ridiculous how contorted their images are and it is just not an accurate representation of her. Also I never noticed this but many of my male friends have commented on how it is obvious that under dresses she wears some sort of enhancer for her backside..I know Candice will never see this but it is so much more attractive to just be the way she is! And, truly, the way she is naturally is just beyond gorgeous
  8. @Sarnic, who is the girl in your avatar? She is so gorgeous!!
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