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  1. David Gandy

    Nice photos I saw online. http://www.express.c...del-David-Gandy http://www.digitalsp...avid-gandy.html
  2. David Gandy

    Speculation and gossip about a model or celebrity's sexual orientation are not appropriate for these models' forums. Please keep your focus on David's career and professional endeavors.Posts about his social activities are appropriate if they are objectively verifiable, e.g. newspapers, videos, photographs. Edited by MauiKane
  3. Andres Segura

    Andres Velencoso shooting AndresVelencoso facebook.
  4. Andres Segura

  5. Chloe Pridham

  6. Andres Segura

    Andres Velencoso in Cannes http://designscene.tumblr.com/tagged/Andres-Velencoso-Segura
  7. David Gandy

    david gandy lucky brand luckybrandfb
  8. Andres Segura

    Andres Velencoso in Cannes Andres Velencoso instagram
  9. David Gandy

  10. David Gandy

    I never cared for that interview to much he seems like he says this before about the kind of girl he is interested in yet its difficult for him to find someone. I wonder why this is?
  11. Isabeli Fontana

    she is stunning thank you for sharing <3
  12. Isabeli Fontana

    is she working with Andres Velencoso ?
  13. David Gandy

    thanks for sharing
  14. David Gandy

    It is a thought is all I don't mean anything by it I just sense vibes is all and usually vibes aren't wrong . :neo2:
  15. David Gandy

    David Gandy Source www.acmilan.com