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  1. Javi Martínez

    AHHH! I love his chest hair
  2. Javi Martínez

    My love for this man is ridiculous
  3. Fernando Llorente

    why is he so handsome
  4. Fernando Llorente

    gah, he is adorable!!! his girlfriend is a very lucky lady
  5. Gerard Pique

    Gerard with a gun, that's frightening!
  6. Javi Martínez

    I am going to meet him someday
  7. Fernando Llorente

    He screams sexy!
  8. Iker Casillas

    he reminds me of a cuddly teddy bear
  9. Javi Martínez

    gah, he is so perfect!!!
  10. Fernando Llorente

    Me too, I find it strange. I know she is studying to be a doctor so I'm not sure she travels with him much, but I know they live together.
  11. Javi Martínez

    I want this job, no, I need this job!!!
  12. Javi Martínez

    My god he is so manly with his chest hair and happy trail!!! Ah he is so handsome!!!!
  13. Gerard Pique

    ^ Those are great pics Aga, thanks
  14. Rafael Nadal

    his body is unbelievable
  15. Iker Casillas

    He's such a cutie pie