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  1. Alexandre Cunha

    he is now top40 of models.com ranking, congrats to Alex!
  2. Alexandre Cunha

    some updates
  3. Alexandre Cunha

    actually no, Alex picked him up at the end and no more teardrops. sweet and they closed the show GETTY IMAGES
  4. Alexandre Cunha

    smalto show, cute
  5. Cam Gigandet

    damn hot daddy he is.... hotter and hotter
  6. Garrett Neff

    I don't like the way the collages were made..... but Garrett is always nice.
  7. Nikola Jovanovic

    Nikola looks extremely handsome from that versace show interview video, so here is a snapshot..... I am melting in those eyes and lips....
  8. Alexandre Cunha

    I am really fond of this man.
  9. Nils Butler

    lovely Nils!