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  1. http://25.media.tumblr.com/8765a4a3d69cd335686f9cc7caa594e9/tumblr_mpq1rlPe2G1sqsh2io1_500.jpg picture of baby bump while she was in Brazil. Please do not hotlink images. For more info on BZ's policies regarding hotlinking, please click here.
  2. Does anyone have the photos of Ana with the snake on her? Was that an Editorial?
  3. She looks really good in a white and black dress.
  4. Sara after the match Barcelona - Real Madrid
  5. Have you guys seen the new Elle? Can someone translated for me! please and thank you. <3
  6. her hair looks so much healthier than before no? (And these damn boots. I think she would have looked better in cow boy boots if she was gonna wear some boots.)
  7. I understand during a trip you need to carry many personal items, passport, money, etcetera... but even at a dinner in madrid?? How many things he might need to carry around?
  8. Yes, her weight is a lot better now which is great because she did look really tiny last year hell even a little bit before her vacation when she wore that white dress she still looked really tiny. So I am glad she is working on her weight. I think she looks good now and she seems really happy and comfortable which is amazing!
  9. It actually looks like a heart but they say its a rose. LOL idk it's so tiny you can barely tell.
  10. Really?? Looks like a little rose and the other I'm not sure I think they are tattoos too when she wore the blue swim suit in 2010 it was there also and it's said she goes to the same place as Ramos, and Torres get their tattoos..
  11. Yes her swimwear is soo much better than last year. Thank god for that.
  12. I know! I even thought: Hmmm! Sarita has some booty now. But it was only the angle but indeed she looks much better than last year especially with the blue bikini. You think so? Cause even last year her bum was a bit flatter then in these pictures but I was noticing she was getting a booty. LOL I don't think it's like Beyonce booty but I think she has gotten a plumper butt than she has the last two years haha.
  13. (lol look at her little bag it says her name) this picture alone makes me know she has gain weight. that one too look at her thighs, ahh yes.
  14. They could have been on a boat? Or hell even at a hotel? they have some extremely great cameras and the Brazil photos they also was on a private island and they still got the photos. It's a lot different when they are further away from you then being extremely up close and in your face saying whatever they want. I mean look at those Zac Eforn pictures where he was undressing outside and the hotel was far away from any other hotels and they got great pictures! It's just bound to happen and especially since people know they are on vacation they are gonna follow them It doesn't even seem like they notice them unlike the Brazil photos they saw someone taking photos of them and gave them a bitchy glare but these photos it doesn't seem they have noticed them at all and they seem very comfortable and happy. with that being said OMG she's been working out and gained some weight.
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