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  1. Edita Vilkeviciute Height 177 - 5' 9.5" Bust 82 - 32" Waist 60 - 23" Hips 88 - 35" She's with Women Management.
  2. Eva looks very young, but she will grow up to be a very beautiful lady. She walked for Prada, Givenchy, Miu Miu this season, she sure will become big! Eva Arlauskaite Height: 5'11'' Bust: 32'' Waist: 23.5'' Hips: 35'' Agencies: IMG Paris From: Lithuania
  3. i don't like the way she dresses, but i love her voice!
  4. really? i think she's the most beautiful female in the world
  5. jul

    Lindsay Lohan

    yes.... and the ad looks great! Lindsay is unrecognizable in it
  6. OMG!! I've never seen this full version! Thank you so much jul you're welcome
  7. i think this is her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKQwbrLZIqc
  8. of course she's lithuanian.... maybe she's just living in France, but her name is lithuanian. she's really pretty, never heard of her before
  9. i'm so glad she's in korean movies, because they are so much better than hollywood she's gorgeous, thanks for all pics
  10. BubbleBubble, she is my favourite korean actress too! "my sassy girl" is a great movie and i love your avatar, Sasha is my favourite model.
  11. loved her in "my sassy girl"! she's really gorgeous and a good actress too
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