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  1. Hello,girl-How've you been?miss ya so much-Do you like darkness and black color btw,I notice you always use them as theme for your avis?

    1. Single_Lady


      Hi, my dear sweet, Mahi ) Maybe I do love black more than other colors, I don't know, but I know for sure that I like gorgeous models in the great photographers' lenses )

      I love May, probably because of the weather, - we all enjoy long-expected heat after such a protracted winter.

      And how are you doing these days? From your posts I can only make an assumptions... but hey, the first years of marriage are the hardest, right? It all will settle )

      I miss you too, girl :hug:

    2. Mahi


      I'm also enjoying May,cool weather,no heat,no coldness.

      Yes,all say so,it's the hardest.God help me through it.

      Have so good times,sweety Lady.

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