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  1. thank you so much, woo I thought it was from korea or something
  2. I found this ones, sorry if they are repost
  3. he so gorgeous!!! OMG can you help me? please please
  4. selena is gorgeous!! and a very good person in fact i hate when people hate her for no reason especially justin bieber fans they like eachother thats the end. Do you think actually hating on her, will ever make you have a chance with him..I dont think sooooooo!! anyway she is so greate and very talented.
  5. awww thnks for the 5 stars see ya soon a big hug for you :)

  6. she is so pretty the best model of the world!! cintia is perfect for victoria secret and i love to see her on a victoria secret show *.*
  7. oops sorry next time i will ask on model IDs thak you so much ^^
  8. She is so beautiful, her hair and freckles so cute! by the way another fan here
  9. Hi there im new, i been looking for him Who is he? Does anyone know? please help me find him thank you so much.
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