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  1. Strange thing isn't it. Everyone seems to like pizza (well, at least everyone under 50).

  2. Such language barriers can lead to funny situations. XD

  3. Sunglasses Sound cool!

    And money is always good! ^^

  4. Taurus and gemini are the same?! O_o

    I didn't think so...

  5. Thank you for your nice comment Ange! :)

  6. Thank you. XD I's nice from you to say that.

    I'm glad weare able to communicate with each other without problemes. Seems that my school-english isn't as bad as I though it is. ^^

  7. Thanks! ^^ I need one after seeing your set. XD Could you maybe share the pics you used for your set? I asked about them in jensen's thread but you probably haven't read my comment there yet...

  8. That kind of diet where you promise yourself that you'll just eat healthy things anymore and do sports but end sitting on the couch and eating chocolate. ^^

    Haha, I'm terrible when it comes to making diets.

  9. That's a really good question. I've to admit that I don't know it. But they also call it "day of work" here. (Which is strange considering that noone goes to work)... I'll do some research on this... ^ ^

  10. That's good to know. ^^

    So, have you anything planned for the weekend, dear?

  11. That's probably right. ^^

  12. The black suit looks pretty good on Peter/Tobey. And it's very cool how his character changes when he wears it. ^^

  13. Today I was pretty busy. ^^ My mom celebrates her 50th birthday tomorrow so we had a lot to do... I'm a lazy person, I wasn't a big help, though. XD

    What was your day like?

  14. tomorrow is the last school day and then my easter holydays will start! Yay! :D I'm so happy!

  15. Too early! He's born on the 25th of may. That's on friday. ^^

  16. Toronto! Next olympic winter games are in toronto, right?

    I live near Trier (Rheinland-Pfalz), Germany's oldest city. ;)

  17. Yea, a lot of fun, thanks! ^__^ How are you doing? Have a good weekend?

  18. Yeah, actually I do. Everything is rather calm here, we don't have this big-citylife-feeling. ^_^ I'd nevertheless like to see some "bigger" cities soon. Have you ever been to Europe. I

  19. Yeah, I like pizza! XD At least when it's without ananas. But it's not good for my weight. Hahaha...

  20. Yeah, it is. ^^ So, what have you planned for the weekend? ;)

  21. Yeah, it's amazing! :D I enjoy it!

  22. Yeah, you're right. ^^ It can be a lot of fun.

  23. Yes, I think so! ^.^ Yay, eggs and sweets!

  24. yes, on the 31st of may... ^^

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