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  1. HAPPY EASTER, btw. ^^

  2. Hey, how are you? :D Haven't talked to you in a while.

  3. Hey, just wanted to tell you how much I agree on your opinion about Megan Fox. She is a bad influence for young girls. she'll probably always be reduced to a piece of meet

  4. Hey! ^^ I just had to write you how much I love your signature! Jansen looks so good on that pics. :3

  5. Hi! just thought I could leave a comment here because... ehm... because I'm in the mood for it. ^^ How are you?

  6. I don't know anything about german geography, too. XD

  7. I don't know, germans tend to see everything in a bad way. XD I'm rateher an optimist, though. ;)

    Where do you live in Canada?

  8. I guess that's true. Wouldn't it be easier if we were all natural born sports talents? :P

  9. I had a phase where I loved Lotr, but that was a while ago. ^^ I still like it, though...

  10. I like the third movie and the first the best (although critics love the second movie and I've to admit that it contains the best scene). in the 3rd the fights with the green goblin are very cool and the enemy venon is cool...

  11. I live in germany, one of the most pessimistic countries in the world. ;) My weekend has been rather boring til now but tomorrow we'll celebrate carnival. I hope that it will be fun. ^^ Just want to warn you that my english is pretty bad. X) So don't wonder if I sometimes write nonsense...

  12. I live in germany. Let me explain it with the example of the united states. ^^ You can say that I graduated high school. After that I made a job training. Now I want to attend a university but first of all have to attend college. :)

  13. I mad jokes about him and he wanted to toss it on my shoulder but it landed in my face. XD I was very angry and he said that he was sorry and didn't mean to do any harm.

  14. I read a lot of shakespeare a while ago but I've never read R&J. My favourite is hamlet, though. ^^ Aw, tomorrow is monday, mondays suck...

  15. I think here (germany) it's the 21st may... My father is born on the 25th and he is gemini... ^^

  16. I totally know what you mean. I could stare at picture of him for hours. What a man. ^^

  17. I used to like Hamlet a lot, but therefore I hated King Liar... ^^ We are reading "the perfume" by patrick s

  18. I wish you luck so that you'll have the chance to go! *crosses fingers*

  19. I'm changing the topic, if you don't mind. XD What are (in general) your favourite movies?

  20. I'm looking forward to the summer break. School is very boring right now. ^^

  21. I'm sure it will be on english but I also think that they'll translate it in french as well as in german. ^^

  22. I'm sure there are other days when you have free and I have to go to school. ^^ I wish you a nice weekend, btw!

  23. I#m fine. I just wish the weather here would be better. I can't see anymore rain. It's summer, I want sunshine. ^^

  24. If you say so. *g* ^_^

  25. IMO I've to much weight for cute skirts and dresses. ^^ But I'll start a diet next week.

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