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  1. Ah, what's an R&J essay? I have never heard about that.

    I should do some stuff for school right now but I'm too lazy! :P

  2. Oh, Italy! That sounds great! :D Italian food is awesome! XD Pasta, Pizza!

  3. Oh! :( I wish you luck for the exams! *crosses her fingers*

    I'm fine. I feel really good right now. ^.^

  4. I read a lot of shakespeare a while ago but I've never read R&J. My favourite is hamlet, though. ^^ Aw, tomorrow is monday, mondays suck...

  5. Today I was pretty busy. ^^ My mom celebrates her 50th birthday tomorrow so we had a lot to do... I'm a lazy person, I wasn't a big help, though. XD

    What was your day like?

  6. And of course you have to try some french cheese. ;)

  7. I like the third movie and the first the best (although critics love the second movie and I've to admit that it contains the best scene). in the 3rd the fights with the green goblin are very cool and the enemy venon is cool...

  8. I'm sure it will be on english but I also think that they'll translate it in french as well as in german. ^^

  9. Mostly casual style. ^^ I like girlish retro clothes but I usually don't look good in them. :P

  10. Awww, that sounds terrible. ^^

  11. Oh! XD Hahaha!

    Yes, that makes much more sense!

  12. Hey! ^^ I just had to write you how much I love your signature! Jansen looks so good on that pics. :3

  13. Haha, birthdays are great! I'm looking forward to my birthday... ^^

  14. I wish you luck so that you'll have the chance to go! *crosses fingers*

  15. I totally know what you mean. I could stare at picture of him for hours. What a man. ^^

  16. I live in germany. Let me explain it with the example of the united states. ^^ You can say that I graduated high school. After that I made a job training. Now I want to attend a university but first of all have to attend college. :)

  17. I'm sure there are other days when you have free and I have to go to school. ^^ I wish you a nice weekend, btw!

  18. Sadly I'm rather bored these days. With one exception: I'm reading a hilarious book! ^^ Do you read a lot?

  19. Congratulations!!! :D

  20. Yeah, you're right. ^^ It can be a lot of fun.

  21. Haha, yes, that's weird. XD

    How about the cheese on pizza? You never ate pizza?

  22. The black suit looks pretty good on Peter/Tobey. And it's very cool how his character changes when he wears it. ^^

  23. Haha, you're very funny. ^^

  24. HAPPY EASTER, btw. ^^

  25. Aw, weekend! I'm so glad I can sleep no, school was exhausting...

    What do you do?

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