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  1. who is that delicious man on ur avi ,and where i can see that video lolll

    1. AnaBBarrosFan


      That my dear is Joe Manganiello, one of the actors in Magic Mike... A movie about male stripping... Best movie of all time if you are gay or a woman. <3 hehe

    2. MarVS


      gay , lol soo hottt , thanks babe

  2. LOve her so much , ugh so DEATH gorgeous

  3. aww thanks for ur comment! u should show some love in her thread when u have time ;) xoxooo

  4. damnnn i want some new pics of Nina , long time without that tho... :)

  5. thanksss , oh now u are team barbara!

  6. hey good , hope u are great cheers :)

  7. MarVS

    thank u so much! yes i made them :D

  8. MarVS

    love ur pics of Bar , beautiful!

  9. hey thank u!! , u too!

  10. great New siggy of Nina! congrats ;)

  11. aww thank u hunni!! u too , kissess!!

  12. aw thanks for u too! xoxo!!

  13. love ur siggy great quality

  14. glad that u liked it :D

  15. thank u so much!!

  16. ohh haha the one that im using now, yes is from her last polas for elite :)

  17. hey thankssssss, what siggy do u are refering?

  18. hey Katchi , im good and u btw ur set of Erin is very cute!

  19. thankss , of course :)

  20. me too , really excited hope its Anne or Kate

  21. heyyy hola , im good! what a cute siggy u got there xoxo!!

  22. haha hola , im good and i love ur miranda avatar lovely smile

  23. lovee ur nina set! five stars! xoxo

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