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  1. 1. No, it's Ellin Karin.

    2. I probably have it, but you have to remind me which ones exactly you need.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :kiss:

  3. Have you received my e-mail?

  4. Thank you! :* There are a lot of leos here. You too, right?

  5. Thank you! Where's your R?

  6. Happy Birthday :*

  7. Srecan rodjendan! :)

  8. Happy Birthday!! :)

  9. Dajana in serbian, its the same as Diana in english.

  10. Thank you :-))

  11. Thank you. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who likes Irina.

  12. :D thank you!!!!

  13. I just want to say huge THANK YOU! Thanks to you and adrianalimafan.net I love Adri again! And you are amazing photographer, I love your photos of castles!

  14. Thank you. It's Ellin Karin. I don't have any info about her, Garnier comm is the only thing where Ive seen her.

  15. Thank you! I love Adri again. Why are you awake at 4 am?

  16. Amazing! Safin beat Djokovic! :evil:

  17. Happy Birthday!! :)

  18. Not so good. I have to study a lot and I have 13 tests in 3 week. I did half of them, but I'm still worried about my marks.

  19. David is great. @eon is ok, but he is angry cause he lost all his posts.

  20. Happy Birthday!! :)

  21. I'm sooo sleepy cause I almost only study and sleep these days, but it really pays off for now. I don't have enough time for bz :(

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