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  1. Hello Laura ! How are you ?


    1. Candylicious.


      Hey, long time no see. I'm ok and you?

    2. jj3


      I'm ok too. Big changements happened in my life there's a few months ago, nothing to complain about then !

      PM me if you want ;)

  2. jj3

    Thanks for the follow :smile: 

    1. clouds


      and to you to :flower:

  3. !!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!

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    2. BAGGOT


      Happy Halloween. :D

    3. jj3
    4. jj3


      Thank you guyz ! I hope you all got lots of candies :D 

  4. Thanks so much for all the updates !! :smile: 

    1. Sunshiine


      Derien jj :smile: I could say the same thing about you! :hug:

    2. jj3
  5. Thank you Sun' for all the updates !! :) 

    1. Sunshiine


      It's my pleasure! :D A big thanks to you too for all the work you put in this forum! :smile:

    2. jj3


      Nice of you ! Thank yuuuuu :) 

  6. jj3


    1. Lyla
    2. jj3


      Oh, sorry, ... i mean ... :hello: ( but i'm sure you will see something more like : :doofywave:...) ... :D ...:blush:.

    3. Lyla
  7. jj3

    Piggy ? Is that you finally ? :D

  8. Thanks for added me as a friend :)

    1. lostdiadem


      Thank you for adding me back!

  9. I love your new set Peroxi ! :)

    1. peroxideblonde


      thank you! and you can call me Paola :)

    2. jj3


      Thanks Paola :D If you want to know my firstname you will have to PM me ahaha :p

  10. Thanks for added me as a friend :)

    1. somethingxvenus


      You're wellcome <3

  11. Thanks so much Shep' for ALL the great post on BZ :) You're one of the best poster over here :)

  12. jj3

    Hey :) Thanks for the follow on IG and Twitter :)

    1. bryan


      No problem! :) I didn't know you had an IG.

    2. jj3


      I'm just a stalker out there :p Twitter is my main place with BZ

  13. Hey there :D

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    2. EngSciNaGirl
    3. jj3


      I count on you now to share it with me :D lol

      At least, thank you for the new round in the competion ! :)

    4. EngSciNaGirl


      I'd share with you the number if I had it ..... you sound OK and you are welcome :)

  14. Welcome on BZ Katy :) I hope you will have fun here !

    1. MissPadilla


      Thank you JJ :) I'll do for sure. Meeting people and help others to find the latest on their fave models? The best entertainment ever ;)

  15. Bonjour et merci pour les très belles photos de Simone que vous avez posté ce soir :-)

    1. pitounsky


      Elles sont magnifiques ces photos de Simone :) Merci pour ce petit mot!

  16. Hey Isabell :) Thank you for added me as a friend and for followed me on twitter also, TOO cool ! I follow you back ;-)

    1. jj3


      And i LOVE your member tittle ahaha :p

    2. Isabell


      Thank you so much I love your twitter acc it's good to see another great fan :)

  17. Happy Birthday to you FashionDream ! :D :-)

    1. FashionDream


      Thanks Sooooo much! You are so sweet! Xoxoxo

  18. Happy Birthday Laura !!! I wish ALL THE BEST and more !! <3

    1. Candylicious.


      So sweet :) thank you <3

  19. Hey Mermaid :) Glad to see you are back on BZ these days :)

    1. Mermaid In Love

      Mermaid In Love

      Hey there! Glad that you still remember your old friend.Hope everything is fine with you!

  20. Great job on Charlotte's thread !! Thank you ;)

  21. Awesome job on Miranda's thread ! Thank you :-)

  22. Thanks for added me as a friend :)

    1. AlkinKaan


      no problem :) I am kind of new to BZ so i am trying to get friends ,I hope we get along :D

    2. jj3


      So, welcome on BZ ;-)

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