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  1. Enjoy this 16:9 wallpaper from her Russell James shoot:
  2. Enjoy these wallpapers I made from some of her most recent pictures. They're all widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. Uploaded with IIIUploader
  3. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  4. Stupendous post, incredible photoshoot. Easy one of her top 2-3 picture sets.
  5. Those are some great scans! You can eliminate the back page showing up in your scans by placing a black page behind it.
  6. I think we left out some really exceptional ones...!
  7. It is the first time I see HQ photoshoots of VS models, it is very rare. Keep up posting!
  8. Wow this is top-notch stuff... where did you find these pictures? Are there more? They don't look like scans, the quality is amazing!
  9. I got this picture at the las vegas VS store:
  10. What can I say? You made my weekend again Emilia!
  11. Wow Emilia... you did it again! I have no words to describe it... Laetitia in HQ is simply the best thing that can happen to me on any day! Please never stop posting...
  12. Ale is on the cover of the no2 Xmas Catalog. As soon as I got it in the mail I couldn't wait and I had to scan it and share it with everybody!
  13. Let's spice things up a bit...
  14. The nude one is fake... it's been around for a while.
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