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  1. indeed.gorgeous thank you for the scan which magasine is it ?
  2. happy birthday to the stunning women that you are we love you and always will support you <3
  3. omg Im so thrilled hope they r gonna date for real these two will make such a beautiful couple <3<3
  4. self magasine photo spread with cobrastyle via justjared
  5. 2 Elsa Hosk 11 Noot Sear
  6. the most beautiful creature in this world ( I think I just faint) seriously she is too much :drool:
  7. hope she won't quit modelling for an acting career!
  8. here are the other promised pix PS : this is off topic (sorry about it) someone plz need to tell me how do we apload pix that actually can be seen on the forum still having trouble !! source: my fb ijupoup.bmp mila.bmp ijupoup.bmp mila.bmp
  9. fb(same source)kjl.bmpkjl.bmp kjl.bmp
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