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  1. Thanks for letting me know about the Gap-store :hug:

  2. I stole a pic. from your beautiful 'about-me' page :P

  3. Thanks for your pics :hug: Five stars :)

  4. Hiii :wave: Thanks for always posting great, rare Bar-HQ's :)

  5. Thanks, I made it myself :) I just wish there were more new pics to work with...

  6. I was on a vacation with my girlfriends, been drunk ALL WEEK xD But I'm glad there's someone that's missing me :) You're so sweet for noticing :hug:

  7. Just put Leo in it, you can stare at it for days! :P

  8. Hehe I actually stole the idea of putting pictures on it when I saw your page :blush: I really like your pic, did you made it yourself?

  9. Thanks so much for your help on the Bar-video, 5 stars :hug:

  10. Hehe, thanks for your sweet comment on Leo's thread :hug:

  11. Hehe, thanks for your sweet comment on Leo's thread :hug:

  12. Thank you so much! I like the guy in your pics! Is he a model?

  13. Aw thanks hun :hug: Five stars back!

  14. I used paint xD Not very origional :P

  15. Thanks for your sweet comment on my siggy :hug:

  16. Yes, it is! Although I want to find a better picture

  17. Heeeeeeeeeey back! You sound happy? :D

  18. Sorry I mistook you for Sick, I was confused over the Gisele-avatar :P

  19. Lkjh

    Haven't talked to you before, so I just dropped by to say hii!

  20. Hiii back! Nice to see you around again! :D

  21. Never noticed you could post comments on someone's page. Have appeareantly been ignoring people, woops xd Hiiiii! back

  22. Lkjh

    Nice talking to you!

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