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  1. Thans for your great posts!

  2. Happy 16! :D

  3. thank you :) although I'm about the change it again :P

  4. Lkjh

    Thanks for all your scoops :D Five stars!

  5. Kelso got me crushing on Aston Kutcher, but now I don't like him that much anymore. I want to remain the memory of the adorable Kelso :P

  6. FAMILY GUUY :P I didn't like it at first, but my bf forced me to watch it and now I like it too :) Kelso is also fun! He's stupid, fun and freaking handsome :drool:

  7. That 70's show is also one of my favorites! With friends, srubs, 30 rock, and tosh.o :P But I was really surprised to find out she was so young playing in the show. She did a really great job anyway! Except for Fez she's my fav. character :P

  8. I love Mila! :D Read a very cute interview with her and Justin in Dutch Stars, if I have time I'll post it :)

  9. Lkjh

    Me and my friends :)

  10. Lkjh

    Oooooh :P Haha lil misunderstanding :P thanks! :)

  11. Lkjh

    Thanks! :wave: It's all the same girl actually :P But I agree, she's lovely. Her name is Bar Refaeli, you should check out her page too! I can see some of your faves here, I like the giirl, she has beautiful eyes!

  12. Glad you liked it :) I'm always open for suggestions!

  13. Is that guy in your avi Tom Felton? (A)

  14. Is that you in your pic? If it is, I'm very jelaouse of your camera :P

  15. Thanks :) It's easier to write :P

  16. That's true! And that's also what eveyone was saying in the comment section :)

  17. Thanks so much for trying! It's nice to have new guys on the thread :)

  18. Hii :) Thanks for your help! Five stars. How are you?

  19. Yeah, I saw it! It was really great! I liked how she looked, but I also like it was a little 'reaggaey'-ish, didn't know she made music like that too :)

  20. No I haven't. But I'll look for it right now :)

  21. I remember a pic of her in a magazine in which she had purple hair :P Amazing how people change!

  22. She IS an icon indeed. I was shocked to find out her age. She looks so much younger, well- ageless actually ;)

  23. Just saw Gwen's commercial, and couldn't remember why it looked familiar to me :P

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