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  1. Flawless!! just simply loved her!
  2. OMG!, you're right!! you are certainly the model ID knowledge!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP !!
  3. I was starting to think that it wasn't the same girl, lol! Thanks for the info DanniCullen! couldn't have found it without you (: ! So one to go, three remaining(?)
  4. Hey guys! So, I found with my best friend some lovely pictures of this model and we have no clue of whom she is. They are tagged as "Maria Elena", but we couldn't find any model with that name. Any help? Hope you can help me, I'd love you for ever! lol..ps: if you could find the blondie's ID too it would be awesome
  5. OMG! Guys I loved every single update you've made, thank you so very much!! Behati is even more gorgeus than usual (maybe it's because I've not been able to visit the topic for a while lol!) Loved every candid, photoshoot, everything. Long live the Behatiholics !!! ps: did you like my sig? ps2: nice to be back (: missed reading your comments
  6. Mona Johannesson. :)

  7. hey! I loved your siggy, who's the girl on it? :O

  8. Her name is Nina Agdal.

  9. I love Sandra!! she's so gorgeous !! Those last pictures are AMAZING!! thanks vannessaaa!! By the way, does anyone know who the blonde girl is?-> http://25.imagebam.com/download.php?ID=934...ot+%2833%29.jpg
  10. OMG!! I loved your picture!! who's she?

  11. Ill send you the programs I use tonight when I get on my PC, right now in on my phone lollllllllllllll and thanks for liking the gifs I make them for u guys

  12. haahahah LOL!, u just caught me doing the same!! btw I LOVE UR GIFS (: !! could u tell me wich program u use? I can't find one as good as yours :/..anyways, lots of love :3

  13. alohaaaaaaaa and 5 stars for you

  14. ^ You need Quickplay, and you must wait for it to load for a while before you put the play button..hope that helps
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