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  1. Dexter Walking Dead Smallville Supernatural Vampire Diaries
  2. This show rocks. Walking Dead has given more fun than I expected. I have watched its two episodes till now and they really rock. I am sure this show is going to be a big hit in future.
  3. bobd418

    The Bliind Side

    I saw Blind Side movie just because of Sandra Bullock. She is a great class act and has done marvelous acting in the movie. Hats off to her.
  4. bobd418

    Food Inc

    Boring documentary. The trailer isn't appealing. Rest it ain't my cup of tea so I will term it a boring for me.
  5. I didn't found You again good and man if you really work with Touchstone pictures then they can provide you lot of meaningful data around the same.
  6. bobd418

    Scream 4

    The trailer is good and I hope movie is also going to be good as other Scream movies. Lets see what the producers bring to make all of us SCREAM!!
  7. Movies given in the thread are really very pathetic. Guys, please never ever watch them. All the above given movies suck.
  8. This movie is really very scary. Both the parts makes you shit in your pants. They are really very scary and horrifying but worth watching.
  9. bobd418

    Dear John

    Hey Cult Icon.. I don't know whether the actor is an ex male stripper but I really liked the movie. Everything in the movie was great & really found it heart touching.
  10. I look forward to watch this. The show looks horrifying and I believe it is going to be good as well.
  11. all the girls are awesome but I like Kendra more than others. She is hot and after giving birth to baby, she has become more beautiful.
  12. I believe all the girls in PLL are awesome and sexy. Emily is one of the hottest out here and her dressing sense looks great. The way she carries herself is mind blowing and I really liked that. The Luke series, I believe is also going to be awesome.
  13. It is the most awaited movie of 2010. I think it is going to be great and will definitely get more success than Twilight. I am really looking forward to catch it online.
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